6 Ports of Call feature world famous

Art, Music, Healing Hot Waters and Ice Cold Beer

Amsterdam ~ Iceland ~ $2599 ~ Ireland ~ England


WHY NOT ADD TWO DAYS TO VISIT AMSTERDAM AND VAN GOGH'S MUSEUM BEFORE BOARDING SHIP? Recalling Van Gogh's masterpieces will add even more pleasure to your next port of call when you step into the world's most famous geothermal hot spa. The Blue Lagoon, just outside Reykjavik in Iceland, is 55% therapeutic thermal seawater and 35% fresh water. Surrounded by ancient lava rock it simmers at 98 to 104 Fahrenheit degrees all year long. Feel no pain in these healing waters made blue by high silica content. Visitors rub the soft white mud on the bottom of the lake onto their faces and bodies to become sparkling clean. Walk into this simmering health spa using shallow stairs; dine at health food cafes that circle it. From Iceland cruise to Ireland to drink the world's best beer in Dublin. In Liverpool spend an afternoon walking down PENNY LANE visiting quaint shops and pubs made famous by the Beatles' innocent songs of the 60s. CAN YOU IMAGINE? All they wanted to do was HOLD YOUR HAND when in 1964 they toppled the King Elvis Presley. They sang SHE LOVES YOU ~ YA, YA, YA and the world went wild buying 42.5 million more albums by the Beatles than were ever sold by the King. But Elvis Presley still beat out the Beatles in single record sales when he sold 25.5 million more copies of his very best song. The Beatles never had a song that sold more than Elvis' top song, according to Cleveland's Rock and Roll Museum. What song was it? Elvis' number #1 Single Best Seller ever was IT'S NOW OR NEVER, which describes this Celebrity cruise perfectly. No more formal dress is required aboard Celebrity cruise ships. Smart casual is fine for the whole cruise. Nor will there be any more crowded muster drills out on deck before departing. Safety drill instructions are given to you via the TV screen in your cabin or on your mobile phones. Social distancing will be monitored to assure only those whom you want near you are. A popular novelty on this cruise is to eat volcano bread. It's baked underground by flowing lava. A favorite Icelandic treat is to lather volcano baked rye bread with thick cream cheese and then eat it with fresh salmon fished right out of the cold sea. In Akureyri you can go bird watching in local parks at midnight because the sun never sets there in summer. Akureyri is only 56 miles from the Arctic Circle. June is the best time to visit far away Iceland. In Dublin the city government enforces strict housing codes to assure all homes look alike, except for the main entrances. Hence, all Dublin homes look exactly alike from the street, except for their brightly colored front doors. Daily aboard ship the club's certified fitness instructors conduct water exercises, deck walking and yoga classes for club members only. Distancing needs are easily met because all club exercise classes are private. Instructors travel with you from America. Return home toned, relaxed and refreshed after making new friends abroad. Your cruise fare includes all tips paid and all free alcoholic beverages. In early 2021 you may book round trip air fare to Amsterdam through Celebrity, as well as any pre or post cruise hotel stays. No deposits for air tickets or hotels are required. One cruise deposit reserves everything. You may cancel it all with no penalty up to Feb. 14, 2021. A 100% refundable deposit for this two week cruise is normally $900 per cabin. But to encourage early bookings, Fun & Fitness is inviting club members to make only a $450 check deposit. When your check arrives Fun & Fitness will pay the other $450 deposit required by Celebrity to hold your cabin for two. Doing this allows single guests to book now since they may not yet have a traveling companion. Best located cabins and prices fill up first. Only Balconies and Insides are open for sale on this cruise because the ship's few Ocean Views (windows) are sold out. Balconies on this cruise are a fabulous deal! Call 800-955-9942.

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12 Days / 11 Nights on Celebrity Reflection

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Sunday • 6/6/2021 AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS   6:00 PM
Monday • 6/7/2021 Fun&FitnessDay at Sea    
Tuesday • 6/8/2021 Fun&FitnessDay at Sea    
Wednesday • 6/9/2021 AKUREYRI, ICELAND 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
Thursday • 6/10/2021 REYKJAVIK, ICELAND 3:00 PM  
Friday • 6/11/2021 REYKJAVIK, ICELAND   2:00 PM
Saturday • 6/12/2021 Fun&FitnessDay at Sea    
Sunday • 6/13/2021 BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND 10:00 AM 5:30 PM
Monday • 6/14/2021 LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND 7:00 AM 5:30 PM
Tuesday • 6/15/2021 DUBLIN, IRELAND 4:45 AM 3:00 PM
Wednesday • 6/16/2021 Fun&FitnessDay at Sea    
Thursday • 6/17/2021 AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS 6:00 AM  

Celebrity Reflection
June. 6-17, 2021

Amsterdam to Iceland,
Ireland and England


"Lay Away to Cruise Away"
Monthly payments welcome and refundable up to Jan. 15, 2021

Celebrity Reflection cruises with 3480 passengers and 1293 crew. Guests love its whimsical art, natural woods, lots of glass and larger staterooms with bigger baths. Cruise Critic names it the most popular cruise ship in 2019 for having one attendant per two guests. The Reflection was completely refurbished in 2018. Guests can chose to dine at 12 different restaurants and then sip dessert wines from 11 more lounges. Each night there's a show in the ship's Broadway style theater. And every day there are water exercises held in the ship's indoor, heated Solarium pool led by certified Fun and Fitness instructors who travel with you from America. They teach yoga and walking classes too. Come home toned and relaxed next summer from Northern Europe. You've waited long enough to take this healing, calming cruise. Wait no more. Book today: 800-955-9942


ICELANDERS call it 'Viking Rafting,' but actually it's very tame rafting along the Glacier River near Akureyri. Best of all, when the tour ends you're treated to hot chocolate and waffles

Staterooms can have 1 or 2 beds. Click to view. Category Tips and Drinks included in prices.
Inside DOUBLE $2599
Window DOUBLE Sold Out
Balcony DOUBLE $2899
Inside SINGLE $5088
Window SINGLE Sold Out
Balcony SINGLE $5658

Prices are based on double or single occupancy for the cruise only. They do include all tips paid and all free beverages, even alcohol. Taxes, fees and port costs total another $191 per person. Hotel and air fares are additional costs. Travel insurance is recommended, but no longer provided or required. Insurance options can be made available in 2021.

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~ Club members' reviews ~

"Thank you for all the wonderful information you've been sending to remind us what to do to be ready for our cruise. You have an exceptionally great travel agency. We are ready to go and feel very relaxed about it."..............

Jean Sandoval, Midland, TX.

"The cruise was a wonderful experience! It exceeded my expectations. Met great people, saw wonderful things, and enjoyed each day. Thank you to everyone!".......... Marella Meadows, Cummings, GA.

"The best part of the cruise was spending time with the whole group. All the instructors were very good and we had a lovely time. All your classes were healthy, beneficial and fun. My niece is now a confirmed cruiser and wants to go any time thanks to you!"..........Nancy Ricks, Tacoma Park, MD

"Wonderful 1st cruise! I had a blast. Thank you!".........Robin Joseph, Lawrence, KS.

"Our cruise just now was a dream come true with excellent instructors, amazing preparation and incredible delivery. It was a dream to repeat."..........Giulia Guidotti, Chicago, IL

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