AMERICANS DRINK COFFEE INSTEAD OF TEA BECAUSE OF THE BOSTON TEA PARTY - Fed up for being over taxed without representation American patriots decided to demonstrate their animosity toward the British Crown by throwing boxes of high quality, newly arrived English tea into the Boston harbor one freezing winter night in 1773. Slaves working in the colonies had already taught Americans how to make another hot, tasty caffeine drink made from coffee beans delivered by pirate ships arriving from the Caribbean. Since that cold wintery night in 1773 in Boston Americans have devoured hot coffee, not hot tea. You will learn about this and more American history when cruising round trip from Boston to Canada in 2021. Canada shares 4000 miles of border with the USA. Canada covers six time zones from the Atlantic to the Pacific while reaching northward to the Arctic Ocean too. Only Russia is larger. Canada in the Fall averages 65 degrees daily with nights near 53. The mountains, water ways, emerald forests and cinematic beauty of Canada are legendary. All will be on display as you cruise along the St. Lawrence River bound for Quebec City. As glorious as Canada's scenery is, so is its version of America's history. 'Loyalists' in the American Colonies who did not want to break away from England in the 1700s took off for Canada. But when the estimated 40,000 'Loyalists' arrived to Canada they wanted to continue their same independent lifestyles as in America. Their attitude was not well received by the Canadians. Also called the 'King's Men' and 'Royalists' these illegal aliens into Canada carried on with their American traditions and laws. They even created their own colonies in Nova Scotia where this ship docks for two days: one in Halifax and one Sydney. The tours in these cities are amazing if you enjoy American history told from the perspective of a Canadian tour guide! At St. John's in New Brunswick be sure to visit the Moose Museum. Average life span of a moose is 20 years. According to Canadians moose meat tastes better than beef because the moose eat all natural vegetation in Canada's lush forests. In Bar Harbor, Maine, go fishing for lobsters with Captain John on his lobster catching ferry. Maine is world famous for lobster rolls. In Quebec City the ship docks overnight. You will have no curfew in North America's Paris. Enjoy your glamorous evening out. And be sure to visit Palace Royal Square where houses from the 1600s and 1700s are still occupied and where stands Notre-dame-des-victories Church. It was completed in 1688 on the same site where Champlain built the settlement's first log cabin. Walk the old, narrow, cobblestone streets of Upper Town Quebec to visit its antique shops, monuments, parks and restaurants. Each day on the cruise you can take water aerobics, yoga, walking and stretch classes. Take all the exercise classes you want or only one, if that's your choice. Come home looking like a million without spending it. All classes are included in the price of this 13 days / 12 nights cruise. Deposit is $450 per person or $900 per stateroom. Cancel any time up to May 15, 202l for a full refund. Cruisers who know book early to secure the best staterooms and prices. Prove you're smart too. Book early. Call today.
703-827-0414 or 800-955-9942
13 Days/ 12 Nights on Celebrity Summit
excursions not yet announced BY CELEBRITY. STAY TURNED to book excursions BY calling for booking ID NUMBER. FOR deck plans CLICK HERE.
Sunday • 08/29/2021 Boston, Massachusetts   6:00 PM
Monday • 08/30/2021 Portland, Maine 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
tu es day • 08/31/2021 Fun&FitnessSea Day    
Wednesday y• 09/01/2021 Sydney, Nova Scotia 8:30 AM 3:30 PM
Thursday • 09/02/2021 Charlottetown, PEI 7:00 AM 2:00 PM
Friday • 09/03/2021 Fun&FitnessSea Day    
Saturday • 09/04/2021 Quebec City, Quebec 8:00 AM  
Sunday • 09/05/2021 Quebec City, Quebec   10:00 AM
Monday • 09/06/2021 Fun&FitnessSea Day    
Tuesday • 09/07/2021 Fun&FitnessSea Day    
Wednesday • 09/08/2021 Halifax, Nova Scotia 8:30 AM 4:00 PM
Thursday • 09/09/2021 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Friday • 09/10/2021 Boston, Massachusetts 7:00 AM  


August 29 to September 10, 2021
Round trip from Boston, MA

Best Cruise Fare $1799
includes ALL TIPS PAID
$300 On Board Credit and/or

Celebrity Summit is a Millennium class cruise ship with capacity for 2450 guests and 1000 crew. It was refurbished in 2019 with 20 new dining venues, a dozen bars and social clubs, a cinema, conference center, card room, two outdoor pools and one indoor heated Solarium pool, plus an award winning Fortunes Casino, Fun Factory, shopping Emporium and Celebrity Theater with live nightly performances. In addition to the ship's amenities the cruise fare includes daily water exercise classes and more such as deck walking, yoga, Tail chi, stretch and Samba. Fitness Hosts are certified trainers who travel with you are from your hometowns making sure your travel experience is easy, fun and healthy!

Call 800-955-9942
Dine each evening with your hometown friends at private tables in the formal dining room. Dinner is served at 6:00 PM.

Cabins have 1 or 2 beds. Choose when booking.
Rates include ALL TIPS PAID and $300 On Board Credit per stateroom or FREE DRINKS for entire cruise per guest.

Cruise Prices start at:

Category Price
Inside Cat. Inside
Ocean View Cat. Window
Balcony Cat. Balcony
Inside Cat. Inside
Ocean View Cat. Window
Balcony Cat. Balcony

Prices are based on double or single occupancy and include ALL TIPS PAID with $300 On Board Credit per stateroom. Or you may choose to have a FREE DRINK PACKAGE instead. Taxes, fees and port charges are another $230 per person. Travel insurance is required. Rate begins at $159 per person and is determined by your stateroom category. Cruise prices are subject to availability. Air fares and hotel rates are not provided, but can be recommended. Cancel any time up to May 15, 2021 to receive your full deposit refund.

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Club members' reviews

"The only way I will cruise now is with Fun & Fitness. You had so many physical activities for us to do on the ship. I'd have been too lazy and unhappy without your great fitness coaches and classes in water exercise, deck walking, Tail chi and everything else. Do keep me on your list for travel. Use my name any time to say how great is your cruising concept." Barb Go ugh, Staunton, VA.

"Thank you for all your hard work and fine organization for the cruise. We had a really great time!" Terri and Jim O'Connell, Centerville, MD.

"Thank you! I was fully reimbursed by your travel insurance company before I even received a letter from my doctor confirming I was sick and could not go on the cruise. You guys are remarkable!" Jeannie Stahl, Phoenix, AZ.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Had a wonderful time and look forward to joining you for another cruise next year. My roommate was superb! Thank you for introducing us." Nancy Ricks, Tacoma Park, MD

"My cabin mate and I had a wonderful time. We were kept informed throughout the cruise. We enjoyed new instructors with new class choices, which were all very well attended too. Thank you again for all your hard work in making this trip a tremendous success." Marian Weber, Washington, D.C.

"You go beyond good customer service." Janet Davenport, Hut to, Texas.

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