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WISH COMES TRUE ON THIS CRUISE ~ How many times did you wish to stay longer at a port of call? This cruise stays overnight at two ports: Charleston, S.C., and Bermuda. When Celebrity docks overnight there are no curfews. Enjoy evenings in historical Charleston and colorful Bermuda. Your visit to Newport will be a stand out too where homes average $1.5 million in price. Jay Leno's home in Newport cost $13.5 million. (see below) Rhode Island is America's smallest state. It was first to break away from the British Crown in 1776. Rhode Islanders were furious the British demanded all American colonies join the Church of England while simultaneously over taxing them for goods and tea. Rhode Islanders demanded to chose their own religions and refused to pay any more British taxes. Ironically Rhode Island was the very last colony to ratify the United States Constitution in 1790. Rhoders were suspicious of all taxes, including those from America. But Rhode Island finally realized it was far better off to join up with the new country than be taxed as foreigners. What Newport, Charleston and Bermuda all have in common is their ties to Great Britain. They're all polite with well manicured lawns and shops. And all 3 were growing quickly by the mid 1600s. They embraced the same tax system too. Houses in all three places had narrow fronts because citizens paid taxes based on how much front of their homes faced city streets. Rainbow Row Houses in Charleston are a prime example. (see below) The depth of any home was not taxable, only its width facing a main street. A fabulous place to shop in Charleston is the City Market. In summer it's open at night. Designer baskets are hand threaded on location. (see below) All 3 ports are known for fabulous lobster sandwiches and summer cocktails. The most famous woman from Charleston is Eliza Lucas Pinckney. When she died in 1793 President George Washington was a pall bearer at her funeral. Eliza, at age 16, was determined to produce beautiful purple and blue cloth materials for Colonial women's gowns and dresses in the color 'indigo,' named after the indigo plant. Eliza, born in the Caribbean, knew about the succulent plant with purple flowers. She experimented and taught herself how to grow indigo in South Carolina. Marie Antoinette in France treasured Eliza's purple blue fabrics from South Carolina. Before the American Revolution the United States' #1 export to Europe was rice grown in South Carolina. America's second most valuable export was the dye indigo. Hence, President Washington knew and admired Eliza Lucas Pinkness whose prosperous farms in South Carolina produced both. In Bermuda be sure to spend time at the Royal Naval Dockyard museums. Learn how pirates hiding in Bermuda sold American revolutionaries British guns while selling British soldiers whiskey from Tennessee and tobacco from Virginia. Military industrial complexes have been making money off wars for centuries. Heed the Town Crier in Bermuda when you arrive. He'll give you the best advice on what to see and do. And wear your Bermuda shorts! Everyone there does. Lovely cafes are open along the beaches at night for you to enjoy when you overnight in Bermuda. This 'fancy' cruise stops at three elegant ports of call, all of which are exceptionally easy and pretty.


9 Night Fancy Cruise on Celebrity Summit

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Wednesday • 5/4/2022 CAPE LIBERTY, N.J. (NY METRO)
  4:00 PM
Thursday • 5/5/2022 NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
Friday • 5/6/2022

Fun&FitnessDay at Sea

9:30 AM 7:00 PM
Saturday • 5/7/2022 CHARLESTON, S.C. OVERNIGHT 10:00 AM  
Sunday • 5/8/2022 CHARLESTON, S.C.   2:00 PM
Monday • 5/9/2022 Fun&FitnessDay at Sea 6:15 AM 8:15 PM
Wednesday • 5/11/2022 ROYAL NAVAL DOCKYARD, BERMUDA   5:00 PM
Thursday • 5/12/2022 Fun&FitnessDay at Sea    
Friday • 5/13/2022 CAPE LIBERTY, N.J. 6:00 AM  

Celebrity Summit
May 4 - 13, 2022

Cape Liberty to Newport,

Charleston and Bermuda


"Lay Away to Cruise Away"
Installment payments fully refundable.

Celebrity's Summit can cruise with 2218 passengers, but for now is crushing with half to fulfill CDC social distancing requirements. Everyone on board ship will be vaccinated, so there's no need to wear masks, unless you choose to do so. The Summit is a smaller size ship which Cruise Critic points out allows the ship to emphasize food and wine "with very good results." There are 936 crew aboard and more than 456 shore excursions will be offered for this summer cruise. The new dress code aboard Celebrity is Resort Casual. Passengers typically dress up for dinner each evening. Women are invited to wear cocktail dresses, designer slacks sets and country club chic. Men are invited to wear sports coats with open collar shirts. What is not permitted in the formal dining room are T-shirts, caps, shorts or flip flops. All water and land exercise classes offered on this cruise are included in the cruise price and provided by certified water exercise instructors who travel with you from your favorite hometown recreation centers.


Jay Le no's home in Newport, R.I.

DESIGNER BASKETS ARE HAND MADE ON LOCATION in the City Market of Charleston. It's open at night in summer. Celebrity docks overnight in Charleston on June 7th. It will be a a perfect evening to shop and dine in what Travel Magazines vote to be America's #1 most beautiful city.

Cabins with 1 or 2 beds. Click to view. Category Tips, Drinks and
Wi-fi included.
Inside DOUBLE $ 1029
Window DOUBLE $ 1280
Balcony DOUBLE $ 1534
Inside SINGLE $ 1998
Window SINGLE $ 3104
Balcony SINGLE $ 3558

Prices are based on Double or Single occupancy for cruise cost only. Prices do include All Tips Paid and All Free Beverages with alcohol, plus Free Wi-fi. Taxes, fees and port charges cost another total $284 per person. Hotel and air fares are available at additional costs. Travel insurance is required and starts at $99 per person. Valid American passports and proof of a COVID vaccination are required to take this week long cruise. Masks on board ship are optional. Go back to the cruise page.


~ Club members' reviews ~

"Thank you for all the wonderful information you've been sending reminding- us what to do to be ready for our cruise. You have an exceptionally great travel agency. We are ready to go and feel very relaxed about it."..............

Jean Sandoval, Midland, TX.

"The cruise was a wonderful experience! It exceeded my expectations. Met great people, saw wonderful things, and enjoyed each day. Thank you to everyone!".......... Marella Meadows, Cummings, GA.

"The best part of the cruise was spending time with the whole group. All the instructors were very good and we had a lovely time. All your classes were healthy, beneficial and fun. My niece is now a confirmed cruiser and wants to go any time thanks to you!"..........Nancy Ricks, Tacoma Park, MD

"Wonderful 1st cruise! I had a blast. Thank you!".........Robin Joseph, Lawrence, KS.

"Our cruise just now was a dream come true with excellent instructors, amazing preparation and incredible delivery. It was a dream to repeat."..........Giulia Guidotti, Chicago, IL

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