MAYA INDIANS GAVE WORLD CHOCOLATE ~ Six hundred years ago the Maya were Central American Indians flourishing near Cozumel, Mexico. World Book Encyclopedia reports during those 600 years the Maya gave the world: writing, mathematics, the calendar, rubber, astronomy, open fields to play sports (stadiums), law and order, hallucinogenic drugs, Mayan art and most important of all chocolate! When you're in Cozumel be sure to purchase Mexican chocolate along with bottles of pure Mexican vanilla. Baking with Mexico's pure vanilla guarantees a moist cake for many days. Belgium chocolates are wonderful. But Mexican chocolate is divine. U.S. Customs permits you to take back both both Mexican vanilla and chocolate to the United States. When the Maya were developing Mexico the Romans were developing Europe. In fact, Rome gave us Valentine's Day because of Roman Emperor Claudius II. Under military orders Claudius forbade young men to marry. He was convinced single men made better soldiers. But a priest named Father Valentine disobeyed the Emperor and secretly married soldiers to their sweethearts. When Valentine was found out he was beheaded. English Poet Geoffrey Chaucer (shown above) knew this and wrote poems about it during the Middle Ages in England. His poems were written on small cards describing the feelings of young love between soldiers and their sweethearts and the priest who protected them. Chaucer's cards have inspired people to exchange Valentine's Day cards world wide ever since. A deposit of $250 per person for this cruise is 100% refundable up to Oct. 23, 2020. On this cruise ALL TIPS ARE PAID and you have a $300 ON BOARD CREDIT (OBC) for your stateroom for you and your roommate can buy drinks, gifts, shore excursions, spa treatments, or whatever else you choose on the ship. Water exercise classes are held daily in the ship's indoor, heated Solarium pool conducted by your certified hometown water fitness instructors who travel with you. Additional land classes complement your fitness program at sea. No classes conflict with shore excursions. Dinner is in the Formal Dining Hall. You're seated at private dining tables reserved for you and your favorite companions. In Key West be sure to visit the home of Ernest Hemingway where he wrote his American masterpieces. Buy all his books there. When walking through his gorgeous back yard see Hemingway's swimming pool. It was the only privately owned pool in Key West for many years. But Hemingway never bragged about it. In fact, embedded in the pool's cement deck is a dime with his words, "This pool cost me the last dime I had."

Cruise at Valentine's in 2021 for $699 with All Tips Paid

6 Days/ 5 Nights on Celebrity Infinity
excursions not yet announced BY CELEBRITY. STAY TUNED to book excursions. TO SEE deck plans CLICK LEFT.
Saturday • 2/13/2021 Miami, FL   4:00 PM
Sunday • 2/14/2021 Fun&FitnessValentine's Day at Sea    
Monday • 2/15/2021 Cozumel, Mexico 7:00 AM 6:00 PM
Tuesday • 2/16/2021 Fun&FitnessDay at Sea 10:00 AM 6:00 PM
Wednesday • 2/17/2021 Key West, Florida    
Thursday • 2/18/2021 Miami, FL 7:00 AM 5:00 PM

Celebrity Infinity
Feb. 13-18, 2021
R/T Miami


World Encyclopedia says the ancient Maya were first to discover uses for cacao beans from 300 and 900 AD. They mixed the beans with pepper and cornmeal to make a fiery chocolate drink. Sugar was rare then, which was a blessing since there was no dental care of any kind. But the true benefit of having no sugar in their diet meant the Maya Indians never suffered with diabetes or obesity.

Staterooms have 1 or 2 beds. Choose when booking.

Cruise Critic reports Best Overall Cruise Lines in 2019 were Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. Best Overall Staterooms are on Celebrity, say the Editors.


includes ALL TIPS PAID
$300 On Board Credit and/or

Category Price
Inside DOUBLE $ 699
Outside DOUBLE $ 1099
Balcony DOUBLE $ 1299
Inside SINGLE $ 1313
Outside SINGLE $ 2104
Balcony SINGLE $ 2524

Prices based on double or single occupancy. Taxes, fees, port charges $118 more per person. Travel insurance required starting at $69 each. Prices subject to change. A $500 per stateroom, or $250 per person, deposit will secure this cruise. Deposits are fully refundable 'til Oct. 23, 2020.

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Club members' reviews

"Thank you for a wonderful week of fun, fitness and camaraderie!" Kathy Bender, San Francisco, CA.

"Can't wait for next cruise. We're already booked. It's going to be wonderful again!, Joyce Webber, Bunker Hill, WV.

"Thank you for setting up all the great cruises you do for us. It is wonderful to know we have the option to cancel if needed and that we will get a 100% deposit refund without being penalized. Although, this is only one of the many reasons why we cruise with Fun & Fitness." Robin Vogel, Annandale, VA.

"Fun & Fitness ROCKS!" Tori Reiber, Spokane Valley, WA.

"Thanks to everyone. It was indeed awesome. The pre-cruise hotel was fabulous and all the people in our group were delightful. Thanks for all you do--much appreciation." Nancy Ricks, Tacoma Park, MD.

"Just letting you know we received our refund check right away. Thank you! And thank you for all you do to make our travel so easy. Much appreciated." Shelly and Joe Rowland, Issaquah, WA.

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