~ Fun & Fitness Travel Club cruises to Hawaii in 2024 on Norwegian Cruise Line ship Pride of America. Guests fly to Honolulu August 31st to cruise 8 Days and 7 Nights, returning to Honolulu September 7th. Pride of America is the only ship allowed to harbor permanently in Honolulu. It's exempt from maritime laws forcing it to dock at another country before docking in Hawaii. This exemption saves visitors from crossing the sea for 3 days before arriving to Honolulu. Pride of America is registered in the United States and employs American citizens. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) in Hawaii follows American labor laws. Americans do not need a passport to fly to Honolulu, nor to board ship. Neither must you show proof of taking COVID shots or boosters. However, you are required to present a valid state driver's license to fly to Hawaii and board ship.

Norwegian Cruise Lines obeys another law in Hawaii. No gambling. Pride of America has no casino. Hawaii's state government declares gambling harmful to family values. Any form is forbidden, meaning no bingo or lottery tickets either. What is allowed on land and on the ship is casual attire. If you pack smart you could fly over with only a carry on and one big satchel or purse avoiding baggage charges. But do not go overboard ~ pardon the pun. You may not walk around the ship with sleeveless, no collar shirts or torn, ripped T- shirts or pants, and you are not allowed to eat indoors wearing a baseball cap. Dressing casual does not mean it's OK to be unkempt. Hawaii is the only state in the Union to grow both coffee and cacao beans on its own lush mountains. Favorite gifts to take home are bags of Kona Coffee, bottles of Pineapple Wine and boxes of Hawaiian Chocolates. When you shop on the ship nothing is duty free. Taxes are charged as if you're shopping stateside. One excise tax applies to alcohol. When you order a Sangria on the ship, for example, you're taxed by Hawaii. It's only a few cents and charged to your own cruise account. All other taxes are pre- paid.

Daily temperatures in Hawaii in September are in the lower 80s. Pride of America has two outdoor pools welcoming Fun & Fitness water exercise classes. There is no Solarium indoor pool on the ship because in Hawaii it would be redundant. When this cruise departs next August a year will have passed since Maui's devastating fire in 2023 destroying 2000 acres. Those two thousand acres are equal to 3 square miles of land. Maui is comprised of 735 square miles so it quickly has reopened hospitals, schools, farms and family businesses. Guests who want to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial may do so only by booking either a pre or post tour. This tour requires a full day for preparation and participation. NCL will provide tour details upon request.

By booking this cruise now and cruising next summer Fun & Fitness contributes significantly to the financial recovery of fellow Americans in Hawaii. It will be fun to learn why bananas grow up a tree while pineapples grow on the ground. But isn't that the purpose of travel, to learn something new? Support America. Visit Hawaii!


$2900 all inclusive*

8 dayS/7 nightS cruise

Hawaiian islands

Fully Refundable Deposit $250 Per GuesT


sat • 08/31/2024

Honolulu, Oahu   7:00 PM

Sun • 09/01/2024

Kahului, Maui 8:00 AM  

MON• 09/02/2024

  6:00 PM

TUES • 09/03/2024

Hilo, Hawaii 8:00 AM 6:00 PM

WED • 09/04/2024

Kona, Hawaii 7:00 AM 5:30 PM

THUR • 09/05/2024

Nawiliwili, Kauai 8:00 AM  

FRI • 09/06/2024

Nawiliwili, Kauai   5:30 PM

sat • 09/07/2024

Honolulu, Oahu 7:00 AM  

ALL FOR ONE PRICE: Every cruise price is ALL INCLUSIVE. No surprise costs. All Tips are pre-paid for all attendants in any cabin and for all waiters in any dining area, any bar, theater, and even out on deck. Your Classic Drink Package provides any alcohol, beer, wine or cocktail any time anywhere on the ship, plus it pays for any speciality drink like seltzers with or without alcohol and all sodas. It does not include bottles of water or gourmet coffees. To save costs buying bottled water bring an empty plastic bottle and refill it at any eatery on the ship. You each also have 150 free minutes of Wi-fi access and a $10,000 travel insurance policy. Depending upon which category cabin you book you will have one or two FREE specialty restaurant dinners included too. All service charges, state and federal taxes are pre-paid before you ever board ship. However, Hawaii's excise tax on alcohol can not be paid in advance. The state's tax is a few cents per drink and charged directly to your personal cruise account. You also have pool and land fitness classes to enjoy taught by hometown fitness hosts who cruise with you. If you need a wheelchair to board or disembark the ship this courtesy is provided free of charge. Ask for it when booking. All cabins are mid-ship, regardless of category, and all staterooms have two beds that make into one bed upon request. A $250 per person deposit is required to book this cruise. It is fully refundable up to 4/3/24 which is also final pay off date for the cruise. You can find cheap cruises on the Internet going to Hawaii, but they tell you only the 'introductory' price. Be careful when booking on line because you easily and unknowingly can lose your non-refundable deposit, not to mention the cruise you thought cost you $1000 costs you alone $4000 before you disembark the ship. Be careful. Now more than ever you need to know exactly who is coordinating all your travel plans. Artificial Intelligence is running massive travel scams on the Internet according to a series of articles in New York Times published in October. Don't be an AI travel victim. Cruise with people who you know and with travel agents who personally answer all your travel questions.



Inside one or two beds
Balcony one or two beds.
Ocean View one or two beds.

Inside Inside (double) $2900
Ocean View Window (double) $3200
BALCONY Balcony (double) $3850
Inside Inside (single) $6200
Ocean View Window (single) $5600
BALCONY Balcony (single) $7200

Let me speak to the Captain.

"We just got home and must tell you first of all we all had a Ball! Everything went as planned. Room perfect, food perfect, even weather perfect. You made me a very happy person to have experienced this wonderful cruise. Thank you so very much." Carol Black, Lakeway, TX

"Fun & Fitness Travel Club is the perfect name!" Tina Larkin and Linda Lipscomb, Tucson, AZ.

"The pleasure of this cruise was enhanced by your careful attention to detail." Doris Cogar, Staunton, VA

"Thanks for letting us be in the fun. Lots of new friends. Just like family." Rex and Lois Shoun, Elizabethton, TN.

"As always, you're on top of our requests before we even make them. Thank you!" Leslie Marler, Springfield, VA.

"Thank you for our wonderful trip. I know you ordered our beautiful weather!" Laverne McIntyre, Kalispell, MT.

"You are the best! I received my refund with no hold up. I'm so impressed with how you took care of me and answered all my questions. When we found out I could not go you handled everything beautifully. Thank you and God Bless." Kathy Fink, Eagen, MN

This page last updated: October 21, 2023