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WHEN AMERICANS had labor jobs they spent time off to rest. Today because they sit on the job, sit in cars, sit when they eat, sit at the movies and even sit when they pray at church they want a vacation with more action, as reported by the Journal.



Published in Lebanon, Tennessee - 08-2009

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Fun&Fitness Travel Club members from Wichita Falls, TX and Spokane, WA cruised together on Voyager of the Seas, sailing from Galveston, TX. to the Western Caribbean. It was the first time Spokane Fitness Host Parney Hundhausen had visited Texas. Fitness co-host was Jodi Bruce from Wichita Falls, TX. One of Jodi's guests is the mother of a Ft. Worth Star Telegram reporter. Everyone thought it a good idea if she came along to review the fitness cruise her mother was taking, which she did. "...because you can do water exercise at your own pace, it's easy to get your heartbeat up and even break a sweat...", wrote Carolyn Poirot in her review (shown at left). She wrote convincingly about all the benefits of everyone in the family taking a fitness cruise together. Her daughter had come along on the cruise too.

Royal Caribbean named the Fun&Fitness Travel Club its #1 Business Partner for the U.S. Mid-Atlantic states of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware recently. Shown (L to R) are Bob Rose, RCCL District Sales Manager who presented RCCL's top award to Travel Coordinator Cynthia Neu and Program Director Jim Seeley. Together in 1998 Jim and Cynthia created their travel club in Virginia with a fitness theme. Today its membership is nation wide.

Fun&Fitness Travel Club members have access to all exercise facilities on all the ships whenever they cruise with Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises. Use of the state-of-the-art exercise facilities is included in each cruise price. All the Fun&Fitness classes are taught by certified instructors who travel with their groups.

Fun&Fitnessmembers can enjoy an ocean view whenever they exercise at sea.

YOU'LL COME HOME smiling too after enjoying a Fun&Fitness Travel Club cruise. Club members, who already know each other at their local recreation centers, are happy to cruise together because it gives them a great sense of security and allows them to support each other's good health habits when they travel together.


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Fun&Fitness guests from Nashville, TN met for morning water exercises on board ship recently. They were led by hometown Fitness Host Barb Batson, who is Coordinator for all Fun&Fitness instructors. Barb can be reached at 1-800-500-8905. If you have a group of friends and/or students to invite on a fitness cruise give her a call!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines last year named Fun&Fitness Travel Club its #1 Business Partner for the U.S. Mid-Atlantic states of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. It gave the award to the club because of its innovative way encouraging guests to exercise when they cruise. Audrey Schoninger of Florida (above) is one of 200 certified water fitness instructors who host Fun&Fitness cruises. Her next cruise is to Alaska in August 2009.

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