13th Century Italian explorer Marco Polo traveled throughout China 17 years seeking trade for Europe. He was often told about 'Nippon,' a small Asian island located farther East. "It's where the sun rises," explained the Chinese. Polo never visited 'Nippon,' but he did tell Europeans about it after returning home to Italy. He called it 'Japan.' In fact, the white flag of Japan displays a huge crimson red circle signifying 'Land of Rising Sun.' Centuries later, in the 1960s, American families would sing out loud in their homes following a bouncing ball on TV when watching the Mitch Miller TV Show. That TV show inspired Japan to invent the 'karaoke' machine. Karaoke means 'without orchestra.' Today millions of pretend singers world wide stand up and sing in bars without live music as a back up. They depend soley upon the pre-recorded music of karaoke machines and their song's printed words scrolling across a screen for them to read. When Fun & Fitness takes this cruise all around the island of Japan there will be fun-filled karaoke nights on board ship not to miss. And just as they make singing easy for everyone the Japanese make their language easy too. Japan's highest mountain is named Mt. Fuji which means 'cone shape.' The photo above shows Mt. Fuji overlooking Tokyo. Low cost Celebrity air fares will be offered in early 2024. But don't wait to know air fares before booking this cruise because the best prices and cabins on the ship always fill up first. You may cancel both your air and cruise without any penalty up to March 1, 2024, St. Patrick's Day, which is also final payoff date for the cruise. This cruise also offers a 3 day pre-cruise tour to visit Tokyo. Call for details.

Japan has two main religions: Buddhism and Shintoism. Buddhists believe in enlightenment. They follow Buddha and chant in Temples. Shintoism worships Kami, or the spirituality of everything ~ be it plants, animals, inanimate objects and even natural phenomena. Shintos do not follow one Spirit. They gather together in Shrines to follow all Spirits. World famous Temples and Shrines in Japan are open for tours. Out of a total 195 countries in the world Japan has the third largest economy. Only the USA and China are bigger. The average age in the both the USA and China is 38 while in Japan it is 48. Japan sells cars, car parts and technology. Japan has 9 bullet trains for citizens to cross their country in a matter of minutes. The USA has none. Japan is the expert in growing miniature trees called bonsai. Years of patience are required to grow the tiny, delicate, art inspired trees.

13 Days/ 12 Nights on Celebrity Millennium

$450 Deposit Always Refundable

Friday • 07/26/24 Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan   7:00 PM
Saturday • 07/27/24 Sea Day    
Sunday • 07/28/24 Kyoto (Osaka), Japan 7:00 AM  
Monday • 07/29/24 Kyoto (Osaka), Japan   3:00 PM
Tuesday • 07/30/24 Hiroshima, Japan 1:00 PM 10:00 PM
Wednesday • 07/31/24 Sea Day    
Thursday • 08/01/24 Busan, South Korea 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
Friday • 08/02/24 Sea Day    
Saturday • 08/03/24 Aomori, Japan 10:00 AM 11:00 PM
Sunday • 08/04/2024 Hakodate, Japan 8:00 AM 7:00 PM
Monday • 008/05/24 Sea Day    
Tuesday • 08/06/2024 Mt. Fuji (Shimizu), Japan 7:45 AM 5:00 PM
Wednesday • 08/07/24 Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan 4:30 AM  

Kimonos, which means'clothing,' have been the dress style for both men and women in Japan since the 1500s. Women wrap a loose, fine cut, colorful cloth around their skirts and arms. Men wrap them around their pant legs and shoulders. Japan is so small it has only one time zone (JST) ~ Japanese Standard Time. Yet it's affected global politics, business and religion since 660 B.C. And it's the world capital for cherry blossom trees too. But did you know the Japanese eat cherry blossoms? Imagine sipping a Cherry Blossom cocktail with cherry blossom sushi for dinner and wearing a handmade cherry blossom design kimono while dining in a famous Tokyo restaurant. Why not? The sooner you book this cruise the better the price, the ship cabin, and your air fare will be. You may cancel any part of it, or all your air/sea package anytime up to March 17, 2024 and would receive a full refund. Better to book it now and cancel later with a full refund than call later when it's sold out. Post COVID cruises today are selling out within six months of being announced. Don't wait. Call now.


800-955-9942 or 703-827-0414

Cruise Host: Nancy Osborne
Big Band Entertainer

NANCY OSBORNE is a Big Band Vocalist and TV Entertainer who resides in the Los Angeles Metro area. She's a favorite Fun & Fitness cruise host. Being a water fitness instructor most of her life, Nancy knows and shows all the benefits of daily water work outs! No one leaves her Aqua or Chair Exercise classes without a smile and confidence. Club members can't wait to hear her sing karaoke on this cruise to Japan. She's the travel club's "ringer" singer and everyone loves her for it! Nancy's been featured with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, Tex Beneke Orchestra, Randy Van Horne, Geo Valle's Swing City Big Band and Johnny Vana's Big Band Alumni. She's toured with many shows like Lil Abner, Cabaret, Gypsy and My Fair Lady. She worked for Walt Disney Productions for many years having a regular role in the Golden Horseshoe Revue. Nancy holds a degree in Theater Arts and has appeared in the movies Apollo 13 and Murder by Number. Her television appearances have been on ER, General Hospital and the Bob Newhart Show. Nancy invites you to join her on the club's first cruise to Japan! Call 800-955-9942 and ask for Nancy's cruise.


* ONE PRICE FOR ALL ~ ALL FOR ONE PRICE: Fun & Fitness cruise prices are All Inclusive. You have no surprise charges later. All Tips are pre-paid for all attendants in your cabin, any dining area, including the formal dining hall, or at any bar, theater, and even out on deck any time. It includes a Drink Package with alcohol, sodas, bottled water and gourmet coffees. Fun & Fitness guests dine together in the formal hall at private tables daily at 6 PM. You have Free Wi-fi plus a $10,000 per person travel insurance policy. Fun & Fitness conducts aquatic and land exercises on board ship taught by hometown, certified instructors who travel with you. All taxes, fees and service charges are paid in full before you ever set sail. If you need assistance to board or disembark the ship this courtesy is provided free of charge. Ask for it when booking. All cabins are mid-ship, regardless of category and all staterooms have two beds that can convert into one upon request. Every $450 deposit per person is fully refundable up to 3/17/24. Final pay off date is also 3/17/24. Why not add air fare? When booking an air/sea package you may cancel any part, or all of it, without any penalty up to 3/17/24. Call today. Do not be fooled by Internet ads offering you one price with a second person costing 75% less. Those bookings take only non-refundable deposits, have no insurance, no pre-paid tips, no drink package with alcohol and no guarantees about a cabin location. Call today for a Fun & Fitness cruise price that is all inclusive, insured, and fully refundable!

800-955-9942 or 703-827-0414

LINDA GRYMES lives by her motto: "As long as you have breath in your body, it's never too late to get fit and be fabulous!" She exemplifies what she teaches. Linda is a founding member and instructor for the Fun & Fitness Travel Club. In 2017 she was named Global Fitness Professional of the Year by the Aquatic Exercise Association of America (AEA). Linda is an International Aquatic and Fitness Presenter and Personal Trainer who served as Fitness Director at Congress Heights Senior Center in Washington, D.C. from 2001 to 2014. Linda has been teaching in the health and fitness industry more than 30 years in the D.C. Metro area conducting classes inside the U.S. Supreme Count, the Veterans Administration, Justice Department, Sports Club LA, World Gym, Run 'N Shoot and for the YMCA Fit and Well Senior Program. Linda is a favorite fitness coach at Club Med and Sandals/Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean. In 1998 she taught pre-season training for the Coppin State Women's Basketball team in Baltimore and was an Adjunct Professor at American University in Washington, D.C. from 1996 to 1999. Fun & Fitness is honored to have Linda share her fitness tips for living a healthy, happy life when she hosts club members going to Japan in 2024. She's an avid cruiser whose guests return home toned, refreshed and inspired to lead more healthy lives. E-mail Linda at lgtotalfitness.com. To book her cruise to Japan call 800-955-9942.

Cruise Host: Linda Grymes
CEO of LG Total Fitness/ Triple Delight Aquatics, LLC


Balcony *
Ocean View
Inside Cat. Inside
Ocean View Cat. Window
Balcony Cat. Balcony
Inside Cat. Inside
Ocean View Cat. Window
Balcony Cat. Balcony

*THIS SHIP HAS REAL BALCONIES, NOT VIRTUAL:Celebrity's Millennium is a Fun & Fitness favorite because it has real Balconies. You literally walk outside your cabin onto your own private deck with two chairs and a table. No problem getting more chairs for your friends to join you. Why not? Japan ~ Here we come!

Club members' reviews

"I just received my refund and want to take the time to thank you for being a wonderful agency. I am so impressed with how much care you took to answer all my questions, and kept us posted on all updates. Despite it ending up we could not go you continued to handle everything beautifully until it was all resolved. God Bless and thank you!" Katie Fink, Eagen MN.

"It was an absolutely wonderful trip. Thank you for all your attention to all the details that made it all so special." Karen Thomson, San Francisco, CA.

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and fine organization for our cruise. We had a really amazing, great time!" Terri and Jim O'Connell, Centerville, MD.

"Thank you! I was fully reimbursed by your travel insurance company before I received a letter from my doctor confirming I was sick and could not go on the cruise. You guys are remarkable!" Jeannie Stahl, Phoenix, AZ.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We all had a wonderful time and look forward to taking another cruise with you next year. My roommate was superb! Thank you for introducing us." Nancy Ricks, Tacoma Park, MD


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