St. Lucia is the only country in the world out of 195 total, named for a real woman. Ireland is named for the Goddess of Fertility Erie, but only the Caribbean island St. Lucia is named for a human female. She lived 283 to 304 AD in the village of Syracuse, Sicily, Italy and was named Lucia. She was crucified by Sicilian pagans at age 21 for refusing to marry. She was a Christian girl who pledged herself to God and wanted to remain virgin for Him. She wore a ring of candles around her head when leading Christians away from danger though dark tunnels under the ground in Sicily. Pagan leaders did not like young Lucia for her pious beliefs so they pierced a sword through her neck in crucifixion. More than a thousand years later on Dec.13, 1502, French sailors exploring in the Caribbean wrecked their ship on an unknown island. Fearing they were lost forever they prayed to their Catholic Saint Lucia...Giver of Light...asking her to show them a way home. In her honor they named their new found island St. Lucia. To this day, St. Lucia celebrates Dec. 13th as its national founding day. St. Lucia marks the beginning of the Christmas celebration each year with young girls who walk about wearing candles tied to wreaths upon their heads. They walk "bringing in light to begin the Christmas season." By the 1700s Sweden and Norway were celebrating Dec. 13th in the same way for the same reason. Every year on Earth the longest night is Dec. 13th.

English is spoken on all the islands you visit when taking this two week cruise, except in Martinique which speaks French. Napoleon Bonaparte arrived there in 1796 where he met and married the daughter of a powerful sugar cane planation owner. It was common knowledge how passionate they were in their love making, about the clothes they wore and wines they drank. To this day Martinique sells the best French wine, fashions and perfumes. Cruisers love shopping here and then visiting at least one of the 7 prestigious museums of France maintained on the island.
In Barbados enjoy English High Tea any afternoon at any choice of elegant hotels. Learn how Great Britain became the wealthiest country in the world from the 17th to 20th century by selling and shippings from Barbados and other Caribbean islands vast amounts of sugar cane, coffee and chocolate. Only 40 years ago did Barbados declare itself a democratic country with 300,000 citizens creating the world's newest Republic. Barbados still remains a part of Great Britain's voluntary Commonwealth of Nations comprised of 54 former British colonies which are today all independent nations. Visitors can still buy the best sugar candies, chocolate and coffee beans in Barbados to take home as gifts from this bountiful and beautiful Caribbean island.
The islands of St. Kitts and Nevis together comprise 100 square miles of lush gardens and floral growth. Their population of 48,000 people is outnumbered by 62,000 monkeys who live there too. They were brought to the islands in the 1700s by Europeans who wanted exotic pets. Chose from any number of tours to interact personally with the monkeys who live there and consider themselves full fledged citizens of the islands as well.

11 Days/ 10 Nights on Celebrity Equinox

Monday • 03/04/24 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida   4:00 PM
Tuesday • 03/05/24 Sea Day    
Wednesday • 03/06/24 Sea Day    
Thursday • 03/07/24 St. Johns, Antigua 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
Friday • 03/08/24 Bridgetown, Barbados 11:00 AM 7:00 PM
Saturday • 03/09/24 Castries, St. Lucia 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Sunday • 03/10/24 Fort-de-France, Martinique 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Monday • 03/11/24 Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis 7:00 AM 4:00 PM
Tuesday • 03/12/24 Sea Day    
Wednesday • 03/13/24 Sea Day    
Thursday• 03/14/24 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 7:00 AM  
St. Lucia is famous for 19,000 acres of tropical rain forest which some cruisers see by zip line. But why the rush? The best way to enjoy a rain forest tour is sitting comfortably in a suspended tramway car as it gently glides through the tree tops. See all the birds. Hear all their sounds. Truly be in a rain forest. Another favorite tour in St. Lucia is to enjoy a hot mud bath in springs bubbling up from the bottom of St. Lucia's two volcanic plugs. Bathing in the 100 degree Fahrenheit mud is said to rid your body of arthritis, psoriasis, swelling, inflammation and cellulite while you lymph nodes push your body to release long held toxins. Immediately after taking a mud bath you walk a few feet over to stand under warm water falls. While rinsing clean under the falls you can feel a massage on your back and neck. It's said you look and feel 12 years younger after taking this tour. Tickets cost about $30 each. French sailors who named St. Lucia also named the two volcano plugs dominating St. Lucia's horizon the Pitons. In French it means Furnace Peaks. French sailors knew what they were because they have a volcanic plug in France too. It holds up a chapel in Velay (shown above) located 3 hours outside of Paris.


$450 Deposit Always Refundable

Leanne Bondhus
Cruise Host
LEANNE BONDHUS teaches water exercise at both LA Fitness and Cascade Bay Water Park in Minnesota. She enjoys excercising with students at local pools. But she loves it more when they exercise together on a cruise ship sailing in the sunny Caribbean when it's cold weather. "The winter is always much shorter when we cruise," says Leanne.

KATHY POTTS has taught water exercise for 30 years in Illinos. It's her 10th year leading a Fun & Fitness cruise. KATHY practices what she preaches: "Join me on this cruise to refresh and renew!" Call Kathy at (815) 245-2398 with any questions. If your question is, "Should I go?" Kathy says without a doubt, "Yes!"

Kathy Potts
Cruise Host

* ONE PRICE FOR ALL ~ ALL FOR ONE PRICE: Fun & Fitness cruise prices are All Inclusive. You have no surprise charges later. All Tips are pre-paid for all attendants in your cabin, any dining area, including the formal dining hall, or at any bar, theater, and even out on deck any time. It includes a Drink Package with alcohol, sodas, bottled water and gourmet coffees. Fun & Fitness guests dine together in the formal hall at private tables daily at 6 PM. You each have Free Wi-fi, plus a $10,000 travel insurance policy. Fun & Fitness conducts aquatic and land exercises on board ship taught by hometown, certified instructors who travel with you. All taxes, fees and service charges are paid in full before you ever set sail. If you need assistance to board or disembark the ship this courtesy is provided free of charge. Ask for it when booking. All cabins are mid-ship, regardless of category and all staterooms have two beds that can convert into one upon request. Every $450 deposit per person is fully refundable up to 11/15/23. Final pay off date is also 11/15/23. Why not add air fare? When booking an air/sea package you may cancel any part, or all of it, without any penalty up to 11/15/23 Call today. Do not be fooled by Internet ads offering one price with a second person paying 75% less. Those bookings take only non-refundable deposits, have no insurance, no pre-paid tips, no drink package with alcohol and no guarantee about a cabin location. Call today for a Fun & Fitness cruise price that is all inclusive, insured, and fully refundable!

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*THE EQUINOX HAS REAL BALCONIES, NOT VIRTUAL:Celebrity Equinox is a Fun & Fitness favorite because it has traditional outdoor Balconies. You walk out of your cabin onto a private deck with two chairs and a table. Privacy is assured. And the Equinox has an indoor, heated Solarium pool, with easy walk down steps. Water exercise classes are held during the cruise assuring guests return home fit and toned from this popular Fun & Fitness cruise. It was Christopher Columbus who first discovered the Caribbean for all the new world. The whole world has been exploring there ever since. Fun & Fitness is among its top visitors. Call Today!

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