9 Ports of Call offer Amazing World History,

Art, Music and Therapeutic Healing Waters

England ~ Ireland ~ $2899 ~ Scotland, Iceland


IN SOUTHAMPTON SEE THE ORIGINAL MAGNA CARTA ~ In the year 1215 peasants in England declared themselves free from all the corruption and unfair taxes of King John. They wrote down their grievances and how to correct them in a Magna Carta. For starters it said men charged with crimes must first be able to defend themselves in a public court of law before being condemned. Five hundred years later, in a new country called the United States of America, more disgruntled peasants created and signed their own Constitution demanding freedom from yet another corrupt King of England ~ King George III. The Magna Carta (Great Charter) survived only 3 months because Pope Innocent III declared it null and void. He was in cahoots with King John. But America's U.S. Constitution still survives 245 years later. Its basic concept came from that original Magna Carta written 800 years ago. If you like history you'll love this cruise. Take a tour from Southampton, England, to nearby Salisbury Castle to see the original Magna Carta. In Waterford, Ireland, purchase crystal by the same name. In Belfast and Cork drink the world's best beer. In Ireland the government requires all homes to look alike, except for any brightly colored front doors. In Liverpool spend an afternoon walking down PENNY LANE visiting shops and pubs made famous in the '60s by the Beatles. CAN YOU IMAGINE? All they wanted to do was HOLD YOUR HAND. In 1964 the British Beatles toppled the only true King in America...Elvis Presley. They sang SHE LOVES YOU ~ YA, YA, YA and the world went wild buying 42 million more Beatles albums than were ever sold by Elvis. However ~ the Museum of Rock and Roll in Cleveland reports Elvis Presley did beat out the Beatles in single record sales when he sold 25 million copies of IT'S NOW OR NEVER. No single song by the Beatles ever topped Elvis's best single. IT'S NOW OR NEVER best describes this Celebrity summer cruise in June 2022 too. It docks for 3 days near the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik with 55% therapeutic thermal seawater and 35% fresh water. Surrounded by lava rock, the Blue Lagoon simmers near 104 Fahrenheit degrees all year long. Feel no pain in these healing waters made blue by high silica content. Visitors rub soft white mud from the lake's floor all over their bodies to become sparkling clean. A favorite meal in Iceland includes volcano bread, baked underground by flowing hot lava. Icelanders lather thick cream cheese all over their volcano baked rye bread and then eat it with fresh salmon they literally reach down into the sea and fish out by hand. In Akureyri go bird watching at midnight since the sun never sets in summer. Akureyri is 56 miles from the Arctic Circle. Southamton is 80 miles from downtown London. June is the best time to visit England, Ireland, Scotland and Iceland because it's when they're sunniest and driest. Aboard ship certified instructors conduct daily water exercises in the ship's indoor, heated Solarium pool, along with teaching deck walking and stretch classes. All classes are held in private for club members only. Every cruise fare includes All Tips Paid, All Free Drinks with alcohol and Free Wi-fi. There are no more formal dress nights on Celebrity. Smart Casual or Elegant Cocktail is the dress code for dinner each evening in the formal dining room where club members enjoy dining together. There are no more public muster drills out on deck. Cruise safety rules are broardcast via TV in all cabins and on all mobile phones. Social distancing is practiced. Masks are required only when in crowded enclosures. For now guests must be COVID vaccinated to board ship. If you 'even think' you may like to take this cruise BOOK today. Cancel up to Feb. 13, 2022, with no insurance required and no penalties. Stateroom deposit is $450, whether one or two guests book the room.


Kilts better than armor Book Celebrity Air / No penalties Book Balcony with 1 or 2 beds

15 Days / 14 Nights on Celebrity Silhouette

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Saturday • 6/11/2022 SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND(Airport Code SOU)
  4:00 PM
Sunday • 6/12/2022 ST. PETER PORT, CHANNEL ISL 7:00 AM 4:00 PM
Monday• 6/13/2022 CORK (COBH), IRELAND 9:30 AM 7:00 PM
Tuesday• 6/14/2022 WATERFORD (DUNMORE E.), IRELAND 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
Wednesday• 6/15/2022 GLASGOW (GREENOCK), SCOTLAND 10:00 AM 6:00 PM
Thursday• 6/16/2022 LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND 6:15 AM 8:15 PM
Friday• 6/17/2022 Fun&FitnessDay at Sea    
Saturday • 6/18/2022 Fun&FitnessDay at Sea    
Sunday• 6/19/2022 AKUREYRI, ICELAND 7:00 AM 4:00 PM
Monday• 6/20/2022 REYKJAVIK, ICELAND 11:30 AM  
Tuesday• 6/21/2022 REYKJAVIK, ICELAND   2:30 PM
Wednesday • 6/22/2022 Fun&FitnessDay at Sea    
Thursday • 6/23/2022 BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND 11:00 AM 8:30 PM
Friday • 6/24/2022 Fun&FitnessDay at Sea    
Saturday • 6/25/2022 SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND 6:00 AM  

Celebrity Silhouette
June. 11-25, 2022

England, Ireland,
Scotland, Iceland


"Lay Away to Cruise Away"
Installment payments fully refundable.

Celebrity Silhouette cruise guests love its whimsical art, natural woods, lots of glass and larger staterooms and baths. Silhouette was completely refurbished in 2020 at a cost of $500 million dollars. Guests may chose to dine together each evening in the formal dining room, or at specialty restaurants. Sip dessert wines at 10 different lounges. Each night has a live show in the ship's Broadway style theater. And every day private water exercises are conducted in the ship's indoor, heated Solarium pool led by certified Fun and Fitness instructors who also teach deck walking and stretch classes. You've waited long enough to take this healing, healthy cruise to England, Ireland, Scotland and Iceland. Wait no more. Book today. Every $450 deposit is fully refundable up to Feb. 13, 2022 with no penalties no insurance required. Final payment for the cruise wll be by March 13, 2022. Installment payments are welcome and fully refundable too until Feb. 13, 2022.


ICELANDERS call it 'Viking Rafting,' but actually it's easy rafting along Glacier River near Akureyri. Best of all, when the rafting tour ends everyone is treated to hot chocolate and waffles!

Cabins with 1 or 2 beds. Click to view. Catetory Tips, Drinks and
Wi-fi all included.
Inside DOUBLE $2899
Window DOUBLE $3299
Balcony DOUBLE $3999
Inside SINGLE $5688
Window SINGLE $6438
Balcony SINGLE $7878

Prices are based on double or single occupancy for cruise only. Prices include all All Tips Paid and All Free Beverages with alcohol, plus Free Wi-fi. Taxes, fees and port charges cost another total $233 per person. Hotel and air fares are additional costs. Travel insurance is required and starts at $229 per person. Valid American passports and proof of COVID vaccinations are required for this two week cruise.

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~ Club members' reviews ~

"Thank you for all the wonderful information you've been sending reminding- us what to do to be ready for our cruise. You have an exceptionally great travel agency. We are ready to go and feel very relaxed about it."..............

Jean Sandoval, Midland, TX.

"The cruise was a wonderful experience! It exceeded my expectations. Met great people, saw wonderful things, and enjoyed each day. Thank you to everyone!".......... Marella Meadows, Cummings, GA.

"The best part of the cruise was spending time with the whole group. All the instructors were very good and we had a lovely time. All your classes were healthy, beneficial and fun. My niece is now a confirmed cruiser and wants to go any time thanks to you!"..........Nancy Ricks, Tacoma Park, MD

"Wonderful 1st cruise! I had a blast. Thank you!".........Robin Joseph, Lawrence, KS.

"Our cruise just now was a dream come true with excellent instructors, amazing preparation and incredible delivery. It was a dream to repeat."..........Giulia Guidotti, Chicago, IL

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