What to ask a potential cruise cabin mate:

Funguests sometimes do not have a cruise partner. No worries. Friends of friends may know someone who could be roommates on a cruise. Here's what to ask when considering traveling with someone you don't know. You can talk by phone to answer these questions, or you could each print out this survey with your answers and exchange them by snail mail or e-mail. Previously in our club, these were the issues that came up most often between cabin mates who did not know each other prior to taking a cruise together. Answer these questions before you go to determine ahead of time whether you would be a good match as cabin mates. Always be honest. Tell your potential roommate if you use a CPAP machine, or if you like to stay up late in the casino gambling because even if you don't smoke, when you return to the cabin it will smell like you do! Non-smoking passengers become very upset about this. These are just a few tips to share. Happy Sailing!


This page last updated: August 5, 2015